In April 2015, being around 10 years older than the typical age to take a gap year, I decided to do the whole backpacking thing…

Though my job is mainly computer based, I like getting my face out of a screen. During a phase of raging against capitalism, whimsical wanderlust and a human craving for adventure, I stopped ‘being a web designer’, gave away most my material processions, packed a bag full of necessities and survival gear, gathered up the little money I had and booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

Random discovery in Nyaung Shwe

I didn’t have much of a plan, and was determined to travel on a budget, playing it all by ear.

I started volunteering via a website called Workaway, which basically puts you in touch with people requiring help with all different kinds of good cause projects all over the world. In exchange for 4 hours work a day (more if you have passion for the cause) you are given a place to sleep and some food.

For me, this was the ideal way to travel cheaply but was mostly rewarding because it allowed me to do something productive that is useful to others / the environment. It also provided a once-in-a-lifetime chance to throw myself into different cultures and gain new skills and experience.

From organic farming, cleaning exotic beaches to caring for over 100 cats – my trip was packed with many opportunities to learn.

Pilau Tuba - Malaysia


Travelling freely quenched my thirst for adventure and taught me a lot about my little perspective of the world. I had many incredible experiences, trying a bit of everything I could. 

After 6 months of exhausting but awe-inspiring travel, I returned home appreciating the western luxuries I grew up with and the skills I have acquired. 

So I relaunched my freelancing business back in the UK whilst enjoying a ‘key volunteer’ role at a PDSA charity shop. 

I hope in some way to bring my new venture and the idea of Workaway together, offering anyone with a good cause or nonprofit organisation to put me up in exchange for helping out where I can. In turn this should help me get a good idea about your organisation and we can work together to promote your cause per the services I offer with Lucky Magpies.

If you are interested in participating in my little idea, please do get in contact.

UPDATE (MAY 2016): After a short trip to visit a friend and help with some Graphic Design work in Berlin, I decided to stay and now have an apartment in this awesome city!

Sunset in Prenzlauer Berg