Please note – these instructions are for self-hosted web sites

Wordpress iOS ApplicationFirstly, ensure you have downloaded WordPress from the App Store.

Open the app and select ‘Add Self-Hosted Site’  (near bottom of screen)

Self Hosted WordPress Site LoginNext, enter your username / email, password and web site address.

Press ‘Sign In

Select your site from the top of the screen – you are now in the user admin area.

Adding a new post

How to add a new post with WP iOS

Select the pencil icon from the lower menu bar.

Enter the post’s title and content

WordPress Settings Then press the cog symbol (top right) to edit settings

  • Select a suitable category
  • Enter key words / tag
  • Keep the post format as ‘Standard’
  • Set a featured image

To publish, press ‘Post’ (top right)

New WordPress Blog Post

 Editing an existing post

From the main user admin page, select ‘Blog Posts’.

WordPress - Editing a Blog PostNavigate to the post you want to make changes to and click the ‘Edit’ button below the preview.

Make your changes to the content and settings until you are happy, then press ‘Update(top right).

For further support see: